About Globotron

Who is Globotron?

Globotron are experts in computer hardware design and security. We live in a world where every computing device is insecure. Globotron exists to provide users like you with the defenses you need to avoid becoming a victim.

Founded on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, Globotron strives to be a positive force for technology users worldwide.

Uncompromising Supply Chain Integrity

Globotron was founded in New Zealand and is committed to the integrity of the Armadillo hardware. Armadillo is manufactured by trusted local suppliers under Globotron’s supervision, and production will never be outsourced to another country.

Globotron then assembles, tests and packs every single Armadillo to ensure the integrity of every single unit. We know that supply chain integrity is essential if Armadillo is to do its job, protect the user and keep the user’s trust. If you want the best protection there is, you need Armadillo from Globotron.

Customized Firmware and Consultancy Services

Do you like the Armadillo, but wish it could do something more? Are you looking to develop custom security-focused hardware? Globotron specializes in electronics, firmware, and secure technologies. Contact us for custom orders or information on our consultancy services.