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How does Armadillo protect me?

Armadillo passes USB data through a hardware firewall employing a very simple protocol.

This simplicity means Armadillo is resistant to BadUSB attacks, and protects your computer by:

Blocking malicious USB commands from reaching your computer, so that malformed or unexpected data cannot exploit your operating system's USB drivers.

Protecting your USB device firmware from infection by an malicious computer, preventing BadUSB infections from spreading to your device.

Blocking hidden USB functions that can potentially execute system commands or intercept network traffic. Hidden USB functions can even be hidden inside USB cables. Armadillo allows only one USB function to be active, and prevents re-enumeration as a different function until power is cycled.

Blocking bot-like input from keyboards and mice attempting to enter malicious system commands when you are not at your computer.

Read-Only mode protects files on your storage device from modification by a malicious computer.

Why spend another day at risk when you don’t need to?

For true cyber security, using a USB firewall Is essential.


A much needed solution to this growing USB issue we have all throughout the world.

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