How to Use Your Armadillo

The Armadillo firewall is easy to use - just insert it between your computer and the device you wish to isolate.

Supported Devices

Armadillo supports the following devices at USB 2.0 speeds.

Mass storage Flash drives and hard drives, 512 or 4K byte sectors
Mice 4 buttons with scroll wheel
Keyboards 101 keys

Additional Security Features

Besides protecting you with an internal firewall, Armadillo also provides additional security features:

Read-Only Mode is ideal for use with air-gapped or untrusted computers. The Armadillo reliably blocks attempts to write data, even in the face of BadUSB attacks. Slide down the “Read-Only” switch before plugging Armadillo into the target computer, as the mode does not change while power is applied. A green LED indicates read-only mode is active.

Separate Read/Write Indication Inspired by Bruce Schneier, the Armadillo shows you what your computer is doing. Yellow blinks when reading your mass storage device, and red blinks when writing.

Bot Detection prevents keyboards and mice from entering malicious commands when you are not at your computer. If bot detection is activated your input will temporarily lock and the red (upstream) LED will double-flash every second. Repeated bot detection will cause a permanent lock. To reset the lock, simply unplug and re-insert Armadillo.

LED Error Codes

 LED flashing like this: ...means this:

Yellow or red rapid-blinks

Mass storage reading (yellow) or writing (red)

Yellow or red
5 flashes per second

Internal firmware error, communication shut down
Yellow (downstream)
1 flash per second
The connected USB device is not supported
Red (upstream)
Double flash per second
HID bot detect activated, unplug to reset

Tamper Protection

Armadillo’s case is sealed with tamper-evident glitter epoxy to protect against physical tampering or replacement. Photographing both ends of Armadillo's case allows you to later verify that your firewall has not been tampered with.

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