Armadillo Hardware Firewall USB 2.0

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Armadillo protects your secure computer systems from malicious USB device firmware, preventing supply-chain attacks that no antivirus software can detect. Perfect for use with offline computers, Armadillo's hardware firewall allows only known-safe USB commands to reach your computer.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand and factory sealed with tamper-evident epoxy, you can trust Armadillo' firmware to keep you safe from other USB devices that can't be trusted.

Armadillo is great for flash drives and hard drives where its high-speed USB 2.0 hardware enables quick file transfers. For economical protection of low speed devices like keyboards and mice, consider the original open-source USG hardware firewall.

Supported devices:

  • Mass Storage - Flash drives and hard drives, 512 or 4K byte sectors
  • Mice - 4 buttons with scroll wheel
  • Keyboards - 101 keys

Firmware features:

  • Selectable read-only mode is ideal for use with air-gapped or untrusted computers. The Armadillo reliably blocks attempts to write data, even in the face of BadUSB attacks.
  • Separate read/write LEDs shows you what your computer is doing. Yellow blinks when reading your mass storage device, and red blinks when writing.
  • HID bot detection is enabled, so your keyboard or mouse can't enter commands when you're not looking.

Supplied with a micro-USB cable zapped with 240v AC, guaranteed to be free of USBHarpoon implants.

Product Documentation

Everything you wanted to know about how to use the Armadillo.


The Armadillo hardware firewall is assembled by Globotron in New Zealand.

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