USG v1.0 Hardware Firewall

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The USG is the original open-source firewall for your USB ports. It protects your secure computer systems from malicious USB device firmware, preventing supply-chain attacks that no antivirus software can detect. Perfect for use with offline computers, the USG's hardware firewall allows only known-safe USB commands to reach your computer.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand and factory sealed with tamper-evident epoxy, you can trust the USG's firmware to keep you safe from other USB devices that can't be trusted. Experts can even build and install their own firmware!

Operating at USB 1 speeds (12Mbps), the USG is great for protecting your low speed devices like keyboards and mice. The open-source firmware is ideal for security researchers and developers. For quick access to flash drives and hard drives at USB 2.0 speed, consider the Armadillo.

Supported devices:

  • Mass Storage - Flash drives and hard drives, 512byte sectors and 2TB max
  • Mice - 4 buttons with scroll wheel
  • Keyboards - 101 keys

Firmware features:

  • HID bot detection is enabled, so your keyboard or mouse can't enter commands when you're not looking.

Product Documentation

Everything you wanted to know about how to use the USG.


The USG hardware firewall is assembled by Globotron in New Zealand.

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Your USG will be programmed and tested with the latest firmware release, which is currently r05.

The USG's open-source firmware is available on Github.