USG v1.0 Hardware Firewall

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The USG is the original open-source firewall for your USB ports. It connects between your computer and your USB device, isolating malicious firmware and keeping your computer safe.

Operating at USB 1 speeds (12Mbps), the USG is great for protecting your low speed devices like keyboards and mice. The open-source firmware is ideal for security researchers and developers. For quick access to flash drives and hard drives at USB 2.0 speed, consider the Armadillo.

Supported devices:

  • Mass Storage - Flash drives and hard drives, 512byte sectors and 2TB max
  • Mice - 4 buttons with scroll wheel
  • Keyboards - 101 keys

Firmware features:

  • HID bot detection is enabled, so your keyboard or mouse can't enter commands when you're not looking.


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-The Team at Globotron

The USG hardware firewall is assembled by Globotron in New Zealand.

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Your USG will be programmed and tested with the latest firmware release, which is currently r04b.

The USG's open-source firmware is available on Github.